About Ms. Zhang


~ What Does Ms. Zhang specialize in?
Ms. Zhang uses a holistic approach combining traditional acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and dietary nutrition. She has expertise in dealing with Bells Palsy, migraines, neurological disorders, and more. She also specializes in mental health issues, menopause, fertility issues, and other women's health issues.
She grew up in the Sichuan province of China, an area immersed in mountains in which rich herbs thrive. She was surrounded by herbal culture and medicine since she was young, which influenced her daily life, and rooted these practices in her mind. In early spring, she recalls herbal baths and herbal pancakes from her parents, who imprinted their practices and guidance. Her daily life and diet involved a myriad of herbs to maintain and boost her health as a child. She shares her experiences and knowledge today as a licensed Acupuncturist in Buffalo NY
Location Of Services: 109 Colony Court, Amherst NY, 14226
Phone Contact: (716)-390-1519
Email Contact: Zhangaccupuncture@gmail.com